The Utilization of Calanus and Krill

09:00Welcoming addressAG-Fisk
09:20Catch efficiency and technologyOle Petter Pedersen, Zooka
09:40Harvesting zooplankton – Experiences from IcelandÁstþór Gíslason, Marine and Freshwater Research Institute
10:00Ecological importance of Calanus in Faroese waters and potential for sustainable harvesting
Eilif Gaard, Faroese Marine Research Institute
10:20Calanus finmarchicus vertical distribution: hotspots detection and model representationEva Chamorro Garrido, Arctic University of Norway
10:40Coffee break
11:10Ecology and Importance of west Greenland Calanus populationsTorkel Gissel Nielsen, National Institute of Aquatic Resources
11:30Fishing down the food webAndre Visser, National Institute of Aquatic Resources
11:50Alternative methods for utilizing zooplanktonStefán Þór Eysteinsson, Matís Food and Biotech R&D
12:10Legislation and catching regulationsJón Þrándur Stefánsson, Icelandic Food ministry
Group and panel discussion
13:20Introduction before discussion
Stefán Þór Eysteinsson, Matís Food and Biotech R&D
13:40Group discussions
16:10Presentation of group work and wrap upRepresentative from each group
17:00End of workshop


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